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June 26 - More New Creeks!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

After catching trout in creek #1000, there was still plenty of daylight left, so why not find some more new creeks? We all drove up to a tributary of Greer Branch named Roaring Branch. It was tiny, but like Greer Branch it did contain wild browns - new creek #1001!

Roaring Branch, New Creek #1001

From there, we drove over to Big Horse Creek (new creek #369) so Jack and Howard could fish some. In caught several more trout on a dry fly, including the nice wild rainbow below.

Big Horse Creek

After Jack and Howard left to head back to South Carolina, Bobby and I had to hit a couple more creeks. Bobby tried Cabbage Creek with no luck, and I caught wild browns in Right Fork Hodgson Creek to raise my total to 1002.

Bobby Kilby, blue line master, at Cabbage Creek

Right Fork Hodgson Creek, new creek #1002

Finally, after Bobby and I parted ways, I stopped at one more creek that I had struck out on a couple of times before. Little Buffalo Creek runs right beside 88 just outside of West Jefferson, is very silty and full of trash, and looks like a good place to catch a hogsucker. Surprisingly, it does contain wild trout (some of them bigger than you would expect!). I saw the big ones but did not catch them.

Little Buffalo Creek, new creek #1003 - check out the big brown at bottom right

The bigger of the two browns looked to be around 16 inches! I caught the smaller one, of course.

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