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I have been trout fishing since high school and fly-fishing since college. When I got my driver's license back in 1978, I got a book of NC Game Land maps and set out to fish every stream. By 2008, I had fished quite a few, but then I saw an article in the May, 2008 Wildlife In North Carolina magazine ("Grand Achievement", by Jack Horan) about a man named Bobby Kilby who had fished 1,000 creeks in North Carolina. A little while later, while surfing fly fishing sites, I stumbled on to the WNC Fly Fishing Trail. Come to find out, one of the contributors was Bobby Kilby. I gave the site administrator my contact information, and the next evening, I received a phone call from Bobby. We talked trout streams for at least an hour, and made tentative plans for a fishing trip. He was very supportive when I told him I would like to copy his accomplishment, and we have been fishing buddies and friends ever since. He has been my mentor in this quest, but I have also helped him find new streams to fish, and he has now fished over 1,200 creeks. This blog is the public record of my progress towards my 1,000 creeks. 

Ray Sugg 


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