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Snowbird Camping Trip 2024

Middle Falls, Snowbird Creek

Monday, 6/17 - Little Snowbird new creeks

Brian Craig and Larry Brow got permission to fish some private property in Little Snowbird, and Ben Wilson came over from Murphy to fish with us and get some new creeks. I caught wild rainbows in two new creeks, and Ben got three new creeks - he is over 500 now! I didn't have my phone or camera with me, so there are no pictures of Ben, but he sent me the following pictures that he took:

Juanita Branch - new creek 1065
Juanita Branch rainbow
Brian Craig with a Juanita Branch rainbow
Sunday Branch - new creek 1066
A rare picture - I'm usually by myself so all you get is my hand and the trout!

Tuesday, 6/18 - Middle Falls and new creeks

Colonel Bill Brooks and Billy Knight came by for the day, so a few of us did the five-mile pilgrimage to Middle Falls for a group picture. We stayed together up to the bridge, then Col Brooks, Brow and I went over Mouse Knob while Doug Brooks, Brian and Billy stayed on the trail that crosses the creek several times. For what it's worth, we beat them to the falls by a good 15 minutes, but they probably fished at every crossing.

Me, Brian Craig, Larry Brow, Doug Brooks and Col Bill Brooks at Middle Falls

Coach Doug Brooks catches a nice spec on a dry fly!

Brow, Col and Coach Brooks hung out at the falls while Billy, Brian and I fished upstream. Billy and Brian fished the main creek and caught a bunch, while I explored the tributaries, getting two more new creeks.

Billy Knight
Littleflat Branch - new creek 1067 (it really is flat)
Littleflat Branch spec
Flat Branch - new creek 1068 (it ain't flat, it comes in as a waterfall!)
Flat Branch spec

Wednesday, 6/19 - old favorites for wild rainbows

After two days of fishing, I had only caught about 20 trout, so I wanted to go where I could catch a bunch! Tulula Creek is a hatchery supported stream that runs right beside highway 129, and the upper section is wild rainbow soup. I don't think I have caught one over 9 inches up there, but I always catch a lot, and they hit dry flies with gusto! After catching 32 small rainbows (and a 12-inch stocked brookie) on dries, I drove over the hump to fish an old favorite blue line that runs into the Nantahala River. The water was very low, but I still caught a few chunky rainbows on nymphs that put up a good fight on my 2-weight.

Tulula Creek - an old favorite full of wild rainbows
The biggest of 32 Tulula wild rainbows
Nantahala blue line
Fun on a 2-weight!

Thursday, 6/20 - break camp, new creeks on the way home

Base camp, with complete camp kitchen - we always eat good!
The Breakfast cooks
Jesse Craig with a huge stocked brookie from Snowbird Creek!
Ronnie Craig with two nice Snowbird browns!

On the way home I took a side trip to Alarka Creek to pick up a couple more new creeks.

Upper Long Creek - new creek 1069
Upper Long Creek specs couldn't resist my bead-head nymph
Coldspring Branch - new creek 1070
Coldspring Branch spec - if it's a trout, it counts!

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