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Snowbird Camping Trip 2022!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Another great week of camping at Snowbird! We missed the Suttons (Mike, Andrew and Robert), Chris McRoberts, Alan Grover, Danny Shook and Jim Fox. Here is this year's squad:

Larry Brow

Doug Brooks

Bryan Craig

Ronnie Craig

Jessie Craig

Bailey Craig

Ty Craig

Bobby Wright

Colonel Bill Brooks

Bobby Brooks

Beckham Brooks

Madison Brooks

Nathan Sutton

Me (Ray Sugg)

Here is the last part of Coach Brow telling a Jerry Clower story:

Jessie Craig caught the biggest rainbow

Bobby Wright caught the biggest brown

I was able to talk Bryan Craig into hiking in to Slick Rock Creek so I could mark that one off the bucket list. Here are a couple of pics, but I will add a separate post with more.

Trout filets thanks to Jessie Craig

The campfire conversation is always great!

I took Ty over to Long Creek to cast dry flies for wild rainbows. I caught 10, Ty caught a dozen.

One of Ty's rainbows, caught on a fly tied by me, of course!

Larry Brow fishes the rough stuff above the bridge at our campsite on Snowbird Creek.

Team Pic

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