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Snowbird Camping Trip 2019

Breakfast on the last day.

This year Doug Brooks was on a cruise to Alaska, so Larry Brow was large and in charge of the annual coaches camping trip. Even though it rained every day, we still had a great time. As usual, the food was great. We had a full breakfast every day and deer burgers for supper Monday, trout on Tuesday, and steak, shrimp and baked potatoes on Wednesday. We also had great fellowship around the evening campfire, with "Wagon Wheel" and "Take It Easy" being the most requested songs. Everybody caught fish, with the biggest fish of the week going to Coach Brow. Bailey Craig caught his first trout on a dry fly, and the team of Danny Shook and Frank Wilkie put the most fish in the pot for the fish fry.

Nice brown, Coach Brow!

Because of high and muddy water all over the Graham County, I only got three new creeks:

#937 Bear Creek (Little Snowbird) - 15 wild rainbows

#938 Rock Creek (Long Creek) - 2 wild rainbows

#939 Owl Camp Branch (Snowbird Junction) - 2 specs, 6 hornet stings

I also caught 15 stocked brook trout on a combination of dries and buggers in Snowbird Creek before the monsoon rains came, and I had a 40 fish on dry flies day on Long Creek, all wild rainbows. I will show pictures from Bear Creek and Long Creek in separate posts.

The following people made part or all of this year's trip:

Me (Ray Sugg)

Larry Brow

Brian Craig

Danny Shook

Frank Wilkie

Jessie Craig

Ronnie Craig

Bailey Craig

Ty Craig

Austin Sluder

Steve Bowlin

Shane Laws

Mark Ferguson

We missed Doug Brooks, Colonel Bill Brooks, Jim Fox, Terry Rathbone, Jones Heinz, Mike Sutton, Andrew Sutton, and Robert Sutton this year - hope to see you guys back next June!

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