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12 New Creeks and another Dads on the Fly podcast

Updated: Apr 22

Ben Wilson fishing upper Valley River

I have caught trout in twelve new creeks so far in 2024, including two from my bucket list. I got Wallace Branch on a trip to Watauga County with Bobby Kilby in January. I got Cub Creek (a bucket list creek) in Wilkes County on the day they stocked it (4/8) - there is probably only a small window of time that it actually contains trout. I got Walker Branch (unnamed tributary of Richland Creek in Haywood County) two days later. Ben Wilson guided Bobby and I on a blue line bonanza in Cherokee County April 11-13, where I got nine new creeks, including bucket list North Shoal Creek, raising my total to 1061.

Dads on the Fly

Finally, back in March, I was a guest on another episode of Joshua and Caleb Simmons' "Dads on the Fly" podcast. We did a "March Madness" tournament with trout flies, along with fly tiers "Fish Hands Franky" Ciccone ( and Howie Fischer of "Fischer's Flies" ( It was a lot of fun, but the seeding and results definitely had a Southeast bias! Here are the links below:

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

Ever seen a grown man so excited over a small trout? Bobby Kilby kept his streak alive.

January 27, Wallace Branch (Watauga County) - new creek #1050

April 8, Cub Creek Wilkes County) - new creek #1051 - mark one off the bucket list!
Fresh stocker on a mop fly . . . but it's a trout!
April 10, Walker Branch (Haywood County) - new creek #1052

big Richland Creek stocked brookie on pat's rubber legs

April 11, North Shoal Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1053, and another one off the bucket list!

April 11, Dockery Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1054

April 11, Will Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1055

April 12, Alfred Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1056

April 12, Taylor Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1057

April 12, Pile Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1058

April 12, Thompson Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1059

April 13, Colvard Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1060

April 13, Harris Creek (Cherokee County) - new creek #1061

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