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2019-05-05 New Creek #913 - Little River in Alleghany County

I had a soccer tournament in Gastonia this weekend, and I took the long way home to pick up some new creeks. Little River runs through the town of Sparta on its way to Virginia. It is Hatchery Supported Water in town, and there is a Delayed Harvest stretch a little farther upstream, accessed by either Rifle Range Road or Pine Swamp Road. I caught a nice stocked brown in town, and 35 stocked brookies in the DH in two hours. They all wanted my olive-and-black crystal bugger.

Hatchery Supported stretch in Sparta

Delayed Harvest stretch on Pine Swamp Road

I know it has been too long (and too many new creeks) since my last post. Now that soccer season is over, I am going to try to catch up and keep up!

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