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Bullhead Creek - new creek #845

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Bullhead Creek in Stone Mountain State Park is now managed as a regular Wild Trout stream.

Red wildflower (cardinal flower?) growing on the banks of Bullhead Creek.

New Creek #845 September 29, 2017

Bullhead Creek in Stone Mountain State Park used to be managed as a pay-to-fish trophy stream, full of big pellet-fed trout. I considered fishing it a couple of times back then, but it just seemed too artificial. I found out (the internet really is a wonderful thing) that for some reason, all of the big fish were gone, and anglers were reluctant to pay $22 to fish a creek that according to many reports had no fish at all. Instead of putting in the effort and money to restore it to a trophy fishery, the state reclassified the creek as Wild Trout Waters, and there is no fee to fish it now. You may disagree with me, but I personally applaud that decision! I decided to combine a soccer tournament at Wilkesboro with a little fishing. The delayed harvest season had not yet opened on East Prong Roaring River, so I was the only angler in the park when I got there around 2:00. I got in Bullhead at the junction of Rich Mountain Creek and fished up to the second trail crossing, using a bead head hare's ear under an indicator. The water was low and very clear, and I did not see a single fish, but I discovered that they were congregated in well-oxygenated plunge pools. I caught several 5-8 inch wild browns, and missed one that was around 14 inches. The creek is beautiful, and a fish-less day would still have been great therapy, but wild fish made it special. I also fished and caught trout in Rich Mountain Creek (#846) and Big Sandy Creek (#847) - see Photo Gallery for pictures. I plan on returning in the spring when water levels are better, and I hope to find a way to access Harris Creek.

See you on the creek,

Ray Sugg

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