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7/31/20 Balsam Grove Blue Line Browns

Balsam Grove is an interesting area to visit if you like trout farms and Christmas tree farms, and of course trout fishing and waterfalls. Located near the headwaters of both the North and West Forks of the French Broad River, nearly every blue line contains wild trout. It is right in the middle of a huge chunk of Pisgah National Forest, but there are also large tracts of private property. If you have read any of David Joy's novels (The Weight Of This World, The Line That Held Us, and Where All Light Tends To Go) or talked to anyone from Brevard, Rosman or Sylva, you know that the Balsam Grove/Little Canada area is NOT the place to trespass! You will see lots of Confederate flags, posted signs and purple paint. The one time I actually knocked on a door in this area to ask permission to fish a creek that was posted, all I got was an angry "cain't you read?". Since all of the creeks in this area contain waterfalls Kevin Adams' book North Carolina Waterfalls is a great resource. Adams takes great care in providing directions to the waterfalls that do not cross private property - I used his directions to get to one of these creeks.

Methany Creek, new creek #982 - skinny water, but brown trout hide under the dog hobble

Jake Branch, new creek #983 - more skinny water, browns hide under the bank
North Fork Tucker Creek, new creek #984 - thank you Kevin Adams!
Bring your bow-and-arrow cast for skittish browns.

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