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6/24/20 New Creeks 974-976!

I met up with Bobby Kilby for a day of exploring blue lines in Transylvania County. He has at the time of this writing caught trout in 1290 NC creeks, but is still looking for new ones. We fished two unnamed tributaries of Avery Creek, but they both flow out of named coves with named trails beside them, so we might as well call them Maxwell Branch and Clawhammer Branch. I caught two small rainbows in each branch. After Bobby left for his long drive back to Pawley's Island, SC, I hiked up Avery Creek Trail to get to Henry Branch (the actual name!) and caught several wild rainbows, raising my total to 976 creeks.

Unnamed tributary in Clawhammer Cove, new creek #974
wild rainbow from "Clawhammer Branch"
Clawhammer Cove
Bobby Kilby
Unnamed tributary in Maxwell Cove, new creek #975
Maxwell Cove
wild rainbow from "Maxwell Branch"
Henry Branch, new creek #976
Henry Branch
wild rainbow from Henry Branch

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