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6/13/20 Blue Line Specs

Reid Warren, one of my former Tuscola soccer players, heard about my Haywood County Recreation and Parks fishing expeditions and graciously volunteered to help. He is a student at Tusculum University and has really gotten into fly fishing, and has future plans for at least a side-job as a fishing guide. I sent him with the two youngest participants this morning, and it was a joy to watch. From his patient help with tackle and casting technique to his knowledgeable advice about where fish might be holding, I am predicting he has a future as a guide. When we were finished, I offered to pay him or at least buy him lunch, but he refused. Instead, he said "take me to a creek where I can catch some wild trout." He has done some "blue line fishing", but he had never caught a spec (wild Southern Appalachian brook trout) on a fly, so we went to a blue line in Haywood County that has a good population of them. It does have a name, but you are not getting it from me! He understands the principle of "dab fishing" (fishing a short length of line with a high stick so that only the fly and a little of the leader touches the water), and it did not take him long to catch his first spec on a fly. Thanks for the help, Reid!

Reid Warren on a Haywood County blue line
First spec on a fly! Sorry Reid, my picture doesn't do it justice.

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