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2019-08-09 Jonathan Creek

Jonathan Creek in Maggie Valley

I had a little free time after lunch, so I fished Jonathan Creek from Rich Cove Road to Valley Creek Drive. Yes, it's the ninth of August and Jonathan Creek is still running full. Even though I was on the creek from 1:00 to 4:00 on a bright sunny day that hit 87 degrees, I still caught trout! I used an inch worm pattern and caught 9, including a 13" wild brown and a couple of holdover stockers. I also saw another fisherman, which is unusual after the stocking season is over. He was using a Tenkara rod, and to date he is the only person I have actually seen fishing with one. He was using a San Juan Worm, and had not caught any when we talked. I was "high stick" nymphing with an indicator, which is very similar to cane pole fishing with a bobber, and I might as well have been using a Tenkara myself.

full-finned wild brown trout!

wild rainbow trout

stocked brook trout

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