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Henderson County Blue Line, Maggie Valley browns

On September 30 I took my son-in-law Tristan Caldwell to a favorite blue line in Henderson County (it has a name, but it is not regulated as trout water by NCWRC). I had fun catching some pretty little wild rainbows, but I had just as much fun watching him have his first 25-fish-day on a fly!

Tristan Caldwell with trout #25 on a fly!

Once soccer season was over, I went to Maggie Valley a couple of times after school in October and caught some pretty browns on streamers.

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1 Comment

Don Joseph
Don Joseph
Nov 16, 2023

It’s about time someone put Henderson on the map. I lost all my fishing buddies. My brother to Covid , and another one was a theif. So I’m stuck solo . Great blog I suspect it will grow in time. A lot of fly fishers in this county.

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