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2019-06-25 Four new creeks near Brevard

I caught fish in four new creeks that I had seen or driven by many times in the past. Woody Branch runs along the Henderson/Transylvania County line, right beside a forest service road. I caught seven specs on nymphs, and for those keeping score at home, Woody Branch is now in the books as new creek #940.

Woody Branch, new creek #940

New Creek #941 does not have a name on USGS maps, but it flows out of Moore Cove in Pisgah National Forest. There is a popular hike to a waterfall on the creek, and I have fished Looking Glass Creek past the mouth many times without ever bothering to explore it. I will call it Moore Cove Branch, and I caught seven wild rainbows.

Moore Cove Branch, new creek #941

New Creek #942, King Creek, is very visible as it runs right through the campus of Brevard College. I tried a dry fly first with no success. When I switched to my old faithful bead head hare's ear nymph, I started catching trout. My first one was a fat 9-inch rainbow who did not want to pose for a picture.

King Creek, new creek #942

Finally, I fished a tributary of Cathys Creek that contains wild brookies. Kagle Branch became new creek #943. By the way, most creek names, including Cathys Creek, do not have an apostrophe on USGS maps, because that would seem to show ownership.

Kagle Branch, new creek #943

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