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2019-04-28 New Creeks #897-899 "Head of Mulberry"

Mulberry Creek is a tributary of Johns River in Caldwell County. Due to siltation and warm temperatures, the lower end is not trout water. The headwaters are on National Forest land southwest of Blowing Rock and require hiking in on an old road grade. The hike in is only about thirty minutes downhill, but the grade is very overgrown. The creek here is pristine and holds a reproducing population of Northern-strain brook trout. That means fewer, but possibly larger fish when compared to Southern Appalachian "specs", but I did not catch any of the bigger ones. I did, however, catch brook trout on nymphs in Mulberry Creek and in Left Fork and Right Fork, bringing me to a total of 899 NC creeks.

Mulberry Creek

Confluence of Left and Right Forks of Mulberry Creek

Left Fork Mulberry Creek

Right Fork Mulberry Creek

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