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2018-05-12 My Favorite Cow Pasture Stream

All you're getting from me on this one is that it is somewhere in Haywood County, it is not recognized by NCWRC as trout water, and it literally is a cow pasture stream. It may have been stocked at one time, but now contains reproducing populations of rainbows and browns, along with plenty of sunfish and rough fish. According to my unscientific research with a bead-head hare's ear nymph, the number of trout per mile is not very high, but the average size of the trout may be the highest in the county. I have enjoyed countless hours fishing this creek without another angler in sight. The fishing peaks in May, drops off markedly in the summer, and has a short revival in October when the browns spawn. With the bucolic scenery and solitude, even a fish-less day on this creek is good therapy!

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