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10/24/2020 Bald Eagle!

I was leading a Haywood County Recreation and Parks fishing expedition on the delayed harvest section of West Fork Pigeon River when this bald eagle flew right over our heads and perched on this limb! I have seen one flying over Lake Junaluska many times, but this is the first time I have seen one while trout fishing, and it is definitely the closest I have been to one in the wild. The pictures do not do it justice - this is a BIG DANG BIRD! I stopped fishing and just watched him for 20 minutes. He changed trees a couple of times, but I guess there were just too many fishermen for him, so he eventually flew off downstream towards Lake Logan. Not many fish were caught, but being on the river on such a gorgeous fall morning and seeing a bald eagle made it a good day! Enjoy the pics!

West Fork Pigeon River delayed harvest water
Fishing guide Reid Warren assists one of the participants
As an added bonus, we did catch a few trout

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