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New Year's Day, 2022

Bearwallow Baptist Church
Gerton, NC

The expected high for the Bat Cave area on January 1 was 75 degrees! I have had some awesome days during unusually warm spells in winter, but not this time. Well, the fishing was great, but the catching not so much. I met Bobby at Genny's at Chimney Rock for some pre-game omelettes and our usual discussion about college football and the world in general. Although I was able to convince him to try a nymph last month, it was just too warm for him not to tie on a dry fly this time. We fished a stretch of Hickory Creek that I did really well in last month, but the trout must have felt the cold front coming because they were not very active (Gerton got an inch of snow two days later). I think we caught a couple each, but Bobby's catch was much more significant because it keeps his streak going - he has caught trout on a fly in 363 consecutive months - for those of you keeping score at home that's over 30 years! After that, we did a little exploring and found a new section of a creek that we had both struck out on farther downstream. I caught wild rainbows in Grassy Creek in Henderson County - new creek #1006!

Bobby Kilby at Hickory Creek

My first trout of the new year

Grassy Creek, new creek #1006

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