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Horse Cove Branch from the bridge - it's a little tight.

Horse Cove Branch runs through Horse Cove Campground and into Santeetlah Creek just upstream from Lake Santeetlah. I got in at the bridge and fished upstream, and it is a stoop down/bow-and-arrow cast stream for most of the way. I usually fish those streams with a nymph, because there is not enough room to false cast to dry out a dry fly and keep it floating. I caught three small rainbows on my bead-head hare's ear nymph, but when I got to an open stretch, I couldn't resist switching to a dry fly. I caught one on the dry, and Horse Cove Branch is officially NEW CREEK #999! I will be meeting Bobby Kilby in West Jefferson on Saturday to try to become the second person to catch trout on a fly in 1,000 different NC creeks, and Bobby (the first one to accomplish this feat) will be going for creek #1300. Below are more pics from Horse Cove Branch:

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