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NC Bucket List Part 2

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Grandfather Mountain and Linn Cove Viaduct from Edgemont Road

Here is my bucket list of NC creeks in counties east of Buncombe. I will start with Yancey County and move generally east. Creeks in bold print are named in NCWRC regulations - there are a lot more of these in this region that I have not fished yet.

Yancey County

Rock Creek (wild) - 6/13/23 (wild browns and rainbows) new creek #1040

Mitchell County

Big Crabtree Creek (BRP)

Shinbone Creek (wild)

McDowell County

Jarrett Creek (wild)

Avery County

Harper Creek (wild)

North Harper Creek (wild)

South Harper Creek (wild)

Elk Hollow Creek (wild)

Burke County

Henry River (wild) - 3/29/23 (wild browns) new creek #1026

Carroll Creek (hatchery supported)

Gingercake Creek (wild)

Watauga County

Laurel Creek (wild)

South Fork Laurel Creek (wild)

North Fork Laurel Creek (wild)

Caldwell County

Curtis Creek (wild)

Racket Creek (wild)

Ashe County

Beaver Creek (hatchery supported) - 4/11/23 (wild browns, stockers) new creek #1030

Nathans Creek (hatchery supported) - 4/11/23 (stockers) new creek #1029

Peak Creek (hatchery supported) - 6/18/22 (wild brown, rainbow and brook) new creek #1017

Alleghany County

Big Pine Creek (BRP/hatchery supported) - 5/21/22 (wild browns) new creek #1014

Bledsoe Creek (hatchery supported) - 4/11/23 (wild browns) new creek #1027

Pine Swamp Creek (hatchery supported) - 4/11/23 (wild brown, stockers) new creek #1028

Prathers Creek (hatchery supported) - 5/21/22 (stockers) new creek #1015

Wilkes County

Cove Creek (BRP) - 3/26/22 (wild rainbows) new creek #1007

Middle Prong Roaring River (hatchery supported)

Pike Creek (hatchery supported)

Harris Creek (wild)

Cub Creek (hatchery supported)

Surry County

Lovills Creek (hatchery supported)

Pauls Creek (hatchery supported)

Big Elkin Creek (hatchery supported)

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