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NC Bucket List, Part 1

Updated: Jun 14

Here is my bucket list of NC creeks in counties in and west of Buncombe. There are many, many more in this area that I intend to fish, but they would be on most people's list of creeks "too small to bother with", so they shall remain nameless. I will start with Cherokee County and move east. Creeks in bold print are named in NCWRC regulations. Of the 30 creeks listed, only 6 do not involve a hike, or at least a high clearance FWD vehicle.

Cherokee County

North Shoal Creek (wild) - 4/11/24 (wild browns) new creek #1053

Mistletoe Creek (wild)

Clay County

Hiwassee River (undesignated)

Graham County

South Fork Squally Creek (wild)

Slickrock Creek (wild) - 6/14/22 (wild browns) new creek #1021

Swain County

Eagle Creek (GSMNP)

Chambers Creek (GSMNP)

Enloe Creek (GSMNP) - 8/18/23 (specs!) new creek #1046

Macon County

Cane Creek (wild)

Glade Creek (wild)

Jackson County

East Fork Chattooga River (undesignated) - 7/27/22 (wild browns) new creek #1025

Little Green Creek (wild)

Cold Creek (wild)

Bearwallow Creek (wild)

Transylvania County

French Broad River (hatchery supported) - 11/24/23 (stockers) new creek #1049

Flat creek (wild)

Cantrell Creek (wild)

Toxaway River (wild)

Bearcamp Creek (wild)

Haywood County

Swallow Fork (GSMNP)

Gunter Fork (GSMNP)

Falling Rock Creek (GSMNP)

Beech Creek (GSMNP)

Madison County

Dry Creek (wild) - 5/11/23 (wild rainbows) new creek #1039

Puncheon Camp Branch (wild)


Carter Creek (wild)

Henderson County

Mills River (undesignated)

Middle Fork (wild)

Polk County

Camp Creek (wild)

Pulliam Creek (wild) - 11/08/23 (wild rainbows) new creek #1048

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