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7/14/20 Jonathan Creek

Jonathan Creek in front of Ghost Town

After my Jackson County blue line adventure, I swung by Maggie Valley and fished the Ghost Town stretch of Jonathan Creek. A long time ago somebody straightened the creek channel through here, making this one of the faster sections of the creek. Then I'm guessing someone from Ghost Town planted junipers on the right bank facing upstream, making this one of the most hemmed in stretches. Those two things make this a tough stretch to fish in the spring or when the water is up (it reminds me of Roaring Fork in Avery County). However, it as always full of wild trout and the occasional big stocker. I had not fished that stretch this year because of high water, but after a week with little rain, it was time. I caught ten in the thirty minutes it took to fish up to the Fie Top Road bridge - here are the seven that allowed me to photograph them:

stocked brown trout
another stocked brown
wild brown trout
wild rainbow trout
another wild brown
another wild rainbow
good color for a stocked rainbow (rounded dorsal fin)
right below the Cataloochee Ski sign

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