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6/3/20 Back to Yancey County for 7 New Creeks!

Clear Creek

I headed over to Celo NC to fish some new creeks, and then fished an old favorite in Madison County on the way home. Seven new creeks and around 35 trout on flies on a gorgeous day in the mountains!

Bobs Creek - new creek #964

Little Whiteoak Creek - new creek #965

After picking up those two I headed over to Clear Creek, which runs into the South Toe near the Mount Mitchell Golf Club. I had fished it before, but Bobby Kilby told me that it had three named tributaries, and the wild browns were in a cooperative mood today, so I got 'em all!

Right Prong Clear Creek - new creek #966

Clear Creek begins at the confluence of Left Prong and Middle Prong.
Left Prong Clear Creek - new creek #967

Middle Prong Clear Creek - new creek #968

From there I went back downstream on the South Toe to Locust Creek, and then to Shuford Creek, a tributary of Whiteoak Creek. Notice the long sleeve shirt in the next pics - I slipped and basically laid down in the middle of Clear Creek on the way out. Although sunny, it was cool for June, so I opted for dry clothes.

Locust Creek - new creek #969

Shuford Creek - new creek #970

On the way home, I stopped at the best wild trout stream in Madison County. I am sworn to secrecy so I can't tell you the name, but here are some pics.

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