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4/23/22 New Creek #1012

Nolen Creek

Richland Creek begins on the side of Balsam Mountain, runs right though Waynesville and is dammed up to create Lake Junaluska. The state used to operate a trout hatchery on Richland Creek, and nearly every tributary contains wild trout, with some even having Southern Appalachian brookies. Nolen Creek is what most fly fishermen would call a "blue line" (to be a blue line in my book, it can't even have a name), but I am sure it is nobody's secret fishing hole, so I don't feel bad about naming it. It runs right beside a road and right in front of a very popular business before going under Highway 74 and running into Richland Creek. I had heard from a reliable source that it contained "specs", but I did not catch any. I did catch wild browns and rainbows on nymphs, making Nolen Creek new creek #1012.

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