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3/21/20 - Madison County Blue Lines

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

New Creek #953, Madison County blue line

There are not a lot of wild brook trout streams in Madison County, but I love it when I find one! This day, I found three! I will not name the creeks here, but if you really want to know, they will be named on my excel creek list. I had fished the main stream in this watershed many times and caught bunches of small rainbows. Someone told me that it contained specs farther upstream, so that's where I headed. I walked in to where the first named tributary comes in and started with it. It is very tight where it runs in, but after about 30 yards opens up for easy casting. I caught five small specs and missed a decent one on nymphs to complete new creek #953.

Specs in Madison County!

The next tributary I wanted to fish runs into the main stream upstream from where the trail switches back and leaves the creek. I got in the main stream about 100 yards downstream from the mouth and fished my way up. I only caught two, but they were also brook trout! When I reached the tributary, I caught a decent-sized spec right away, followed by another a short ways upstream for new creek #954.

New Creek #954

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