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2019-12-07 West Fork Pigeon DH

I had a couple hours free between college football games that I cared about (Go Tigers!) so I made the 15 minute run to the steel bridge hole above Lake Logan to do a little midge fishing. Amazingly, there were only two other fishermen there, and in just a few minutes, one of them left. I concentrated on the area immediately under and downstream of the bridge. There was not as much surface activity as usual, but when I did see a rise, I usually got a take. Hooking up on a midge is not a sure thing, but I guess I had a fish on about every ten minutes or so. It was good, mindless therapy. A fair day fishing is better than ... a whole bunch of things!

Right as I was thinking about calling it a day, the other angler I mentioned hooked a hog! I watched him play and land it, and in talking with him found out that he had broken his phone earlier, so I took this pic and sent it to him. Nice fish, Dalton! Much too nice not to have a picture of.

Dalton Benton with a big West Fork rainbow!

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