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2019-06-19 Long Creek, Robbinsville

Long Creek

Long Creek is a hatchery supported stream on the lower end and a wild trout/natural bait stream on game lands (but you will not find any regulations signs on game lands). I first fished it on July 21, 2009, when it became new creek #249. I usually get over to Long Creek at least once during our annual Snowbird camping trip, and I have never seen another person fishing it, although I only fish the game lands portion. It is more open than most similar-sized streams in Graham County, but there are still a few places where rhododendron or fallen hemlocks present a casting challenge. It has a great population of wild rainbow trout - there is literally a fish in every pocket. I have also caught wild browns in it, but not this year. After two days of steady rain, I drove to several creeks in the Robbinsville area looking for clear water. I found what I was looking for at Long Creek. I am usually not a fish counter, but after catching a 9" wild rainbow on the first cast, I thought "Let's see where this goes." Two hours later, I caught-and-released fish number 40 and decided to quit on an even number! I caught every one on a yellow parachute dry fly. At least half of the fish reached the seven inches minimum size limit, with several in the nine inch range. It would be a great creek to take someone new to fly fishing - I plan on doing that next summer.

Enjoy the Long Creek slideshow!

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