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2019-11-28 Thankful for New Creek #952!

Reasonover Creek, New Creek #952

We had already done the Thanksgiving meals early so that our parents could visit our out-of-state siblings today, and my wife and daughter wanted to do a little shopping, so I had an entire day to myself. I headed over to Dupont State Forest to find Reasonover Creek. Much of the creek is on private property, but it runs into Lake Julia on Depont property. I took Briery Fork Trail from the Fawn Lake Access area. When it crossed the creek, I got in the creek and fished upstream to a dam below a private lake. I was probably on private property at some point, but a good trail followed the creek all the way to the dam and there were no posted signs. If the fishing had been great, I would have left out some of the details above, but I can't imagine that this stretch of creek is anyone's secret fishing hole. I did catch two small wild rainbows on nymphs, but the creek chubs hit better and fought harder! Briery Fork, a little farther down the trail, is also supposed to have a population of wild trout, but that can wait for another day. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am very thankful for former governor Mike Easley for protecting the Dupont tract from private development and opening it up to the public! I finished the day mindlessly stripping a woolly bugger on the Davidson River below the campground and picked up a few numb stocked brook trout.

Reasonover Creek wild rainbow

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